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My primary role is pitching up at your church or home to lead a group through sessions that move them on in faith and ministry.
Sessions are priced individually. I work according to your budget. Don't be shy of asking what may be possible. My off the shelf courses are below. I led 50 different courses at Waverley so feel free to suggest an idea not mentioned here.

Genesis to Revelation in 4 hours

A look at how the Bible hangs together as a Christ centred drama with God in control.

Pastoral Care in challenging times

What are the skills and strategies needed for a wise approach to pastoral care?.

Small Groups you want to join

The heartbeat of many churches but tough to get right. We look at the skills and strategy required.

Renewing your mind

Your thought life determines your direction in life but how do we think Christianly about life?.

Refreshing your spiritual life

How do we live as followers of Christ long term, in all areas of life? What ideas and practices help us?


Finding balance in a fast paced world? How do we know the peace of God when life hits us for six and develop resilience?

Discovering the will of God

If you have faced agonising decisions and have been left puzzled, this looks at how the Bible expects us to decide


God has given you a unique way of living and serving him? Do you know what it is and how to go about it? 


Whether you are a beginner or need a refesher, this course helps you communicate so that God is heard and at work


Coaching principles dovetail wonderfully with how God has made us to value community. We look at tools to help you help others and yourself.

Share your faith

If you find yourself tongue tied in conversation, we look at how to lighten up and enjoy sharing your story and God’s

Lead well

How do you lead as God intended? What are the leadership principles that can ensure that your influence is wise and godly


I am a senior practitioner with the European Coaching and Mentors Federation. Most of my coaching flows from relationships forged through training.

The first session is free and thereafter £50 for 45 minutes


Sometimes it’s handy for churches or charities to have an outsider who can facilitate a discussion, perhaps of a topic, or strategic decision, either in a leadership group or a wider body.

I have worked with local churches and charities in this capacity.

How To Book:

If you are a church leader or responsible for a part of the church, then simply get in touch ([email protected] or text 07882026545) and have a conversation with a view to a booking. If you are an individual you may need to gather others together to drum up interest first. If you are part of a church, check your leadership is happy. 

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