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The Unique and Universal Christ

The Unique and Universal Christ: Jesus in a plural world  – Michael Nazir-Ali (Paternoster Press)

Declaring that Jesus is ‘the only way’ can be something of a conversation stopper when you’re chatting to someone of another religion. So how do you speak respectfully but without compromise? This compilation of lectures given by Right Revd Michael Nazir-Ali, bishop of Rochester, gives sold reflection on who Jesus is and how he relates to other religions and cultures, from a solid evangelical stance, as befitting one who has argued the evangelical case within the church and the political world.

It covers whether these religions have any value at all in the process of salvation, how Jesus helps us both to integrate with and challenge the culture around us, and along the way discusses other religions with grace and generosity; holding his convictions while accepting any perceived ambiguities.

More academic than practical, this is a ‘think things through book’ aiding us as we face the increasing challenges of multi-cultural Britain. He often takes pains to argue his case in more depth than might be required (OK I get it!) but some will delight in the depth of historical and international sources that illuminate his case. Those prepared to work hard will be well rewarded.