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The Karma of Jesus

The karma of Jesus – Mark Herringshaw (Bethany House Publishers)

This is not as heretical as it sounds. Herringshaw, a teaching pastor at a US mega church believes that many non believers have imbibed the Eastern  (eg. Hindu, Buddhist) belief that our life is part of a cycle of cause and effect. (Yes, reincarnation is making a comeback…) We are affected by the past and how we act now will affect our future destiny.  He aims to outline the Christian faith for such non believers and help Christians have sharper and clearer answers for their friends.

Centrepiece is a conversation between Herringshaw and his non-believing, but seeking friend Andrew (an amalgamation of two people). The dialogue explains over the course of the book that though there is much in the Bible to support karma, notably the book of Proverbs, if karma exacts payback for all our mistakes we need someone (Jesus) who takes all our mistakes and offers his purity in exchange – hence the ‘karma’ of Jesus.

The book is engagingly written and the conversation, though contrived, provides helpful arguments and counter arguments for those looking for fresh language to communicate their faith. But will it get into the hands of those gripped with a karma outlook?