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Anglican and Evangelical?

Anglican and Evangelical? – Richard Turnball (Continuum)

 The answer to the book’s title is ‘yes’, as you might expect from a principal of Wycliffe Hall, an evangelical College that trains Anglican ordinands. But would you know why? The books provides the answer.

Turnball splits his book into four sections: Anglican identity, evangelical identity, Anglican evangelicalism and how the Gospel  interacts with church, culture and society.  His persuasive analysis, leaning heavily on history, suggests that true Anglicanism is thoroughly immersed in scripture and the theology of the Reformation and that Anglican evangelicals should play a full part alongside fellow Anglicans in deciding on the future of the church.

Yet while making a case against catholic and liberal views, he is measured and warm towards opponents. He doesn’t duck controversy, touching on homosexuality and evangelical church planting initiatives, with some skill.

Best read with some knowledge of the issues beforehand and likely to be on the reading list for aspiring Anglican clergy.